An Epic Retreat & Training in Exotic Bali

Deepen your birth wisdom and passion during this immersive, interactive retreat & training designed for birthkeepers and those who are passionate about birth. Refresh your spirit and increase your knowledge. Learn valuable original techniques and movements you'll use from now on to make birth easier, safer, and more satisfying, like "The Larson Technique" for resolving malposition and failure to progress. Nourish your inner core of peace, joy and power during this deeply restorative week.  

We have an incredible week in exotic Bali planned for you! Connect, learn, explore and discover, with plenty of time to rest and rejuvenate. We personally snapped all of these photos to give you a glimpse of the profound experience awaiting you. Can you picture yourself here with us? 

If you are depleted...this retreat will give you a resurgence in your creative and professional capacities. If you are filled with energy and passion...this retreat ignites your spark and expands your understanding.

See the breathtaking beauty of Bali. 

Experience local culture and dance

 Learn and practice original  techniques for birthing better 

Discover the Sacred Monkey Forest 

Be pampered. Enjoy an exquisite 90 minute Balinese Welcome Massage

Receive specialized training in a small group setting from Dancing For Birth Founder, Stephanie Larson

Relax in a haven of peace, where tropical birds and butterflies fly through organic gardens  

Come together with Birthkeepers from around the world and become part of the global Dancing For Birth™ sisterhood 

To maintain a small-group experience, space is limited
Hold your space now with only $699 deposit!

Sneak Peak Agenda
"Amazing, and dare I say, life-changing." ~April Pavlish

Arrival Day
2:00-4:00 pm: Settle in, schedule your 90 minute Bali Welcome Massage 
4:00 pm: Meet and Greet Poolside and Swim 
6:00 pm: Welcome to Bali Dinner
8:00 pm: Starlight Evening Gathering at the Shala

Typical Day
7:30 am   Nurture - Serene Morning Stretch, Meditation
8:00 am   Nourish - Delectable Organic Breakfast
8:45 am   Dive In - Dancing For Birth Training in outdoor Shala 
10:30 am Refresh - Sip Fresh Young Coconut - Break
12:00 pm Delight - Alfresco Lunch Break 
1:00 pm   Unwind - Poolside, Tropical Garden
2:00 pm   Explore - Bali Excursion Together or Relax onsite
8:00 pm   Reclaim - Starlight Sister Circle 

Bali Exploration on your own or have a leisurely day onsite at spa, organic juice bar, organic restaurant, pool, yoga shala, bungalow. 

Bumi Sehat Birth Center: We will be close to Bumi Sehat Birth Center, so for one of our daily excursions we may be able to arrange to visit and say hi to the always inspiring midwife/CNN Hero Ibu Robin Lim. If you would like to donate to this wonderful non-profit, here is our Fundraiser for Bumi Sehat To bring items for Bumi Sehat here is a guide: 

schedule is subject to change

A Hidden Gem

Located in Nyuh Kuning, our chosen venue is in a small and quiet woodcarving village adjacent to the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud which has many shops, restaurants and arts and crafts. Traditional culture and clothing are still preserved here so you will truly feel transported to another world.

Imagine spending this profound time together nestled in this beautiful Balinese retreat center, exploring Balinese culture, dining on organic freshly grown and prepared food. Allowing our bodies to detoxify in this organic, chemical-free environment, releasing toxins and stress through dance, sweat, massage, and rest, and replenishing with pure young coconut water sipped from the coconut and freshly prepared organic juices and smoothies. 

Accommodations to Delight You 

Retreat Leader, Stephanie Larson

Stephanie Larson was named USA's National Birth Hero and is the Founder and Master Trainer of Dancing For Birth™.  A leading expert on utilizing  movement to support primal birth physiology, her credits include DONA, LAMAZE, CAPPA, ICAN, CIMS, ICEA, CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX. She is passionate about helping women activate their instincts for empowered birth and parenting.  Visit Dancing For Birth Website

What's Included?

7 Days/6 Nights shared accommodations at retreat venue
90 Minute Balinese Welcome Massage

8 Meals featuring the venue's organic farm-to-table cuisine
Daily morning tea or coffee brought to you
Daily refreshment break of Fresh Young Coconut Water in the Coconut
Welcome Gift from Dancing For Birth
Day and Evening Social Gatherings
Traditional Balinese Evening and Performance
Visit to the Water Temple (pictured above)
Visit to the Sacred Monkey Forest (pictured above)
Visit to Ubud for culture, artisan shops
Dancing For Birth Training Sessions (your path) 
DFB Manual (e-book)
Included upon completion:
14 Continuing Education Credits and Certificate of Completion from each: 
Inclusion in DFB Private Facebook Group and Ongoing Mentoring
Credential: DFB Professionally Trained (and corresponding Seal)
1 Year complimentary Listing on DFB Birth Pro Locator (if applicable)
Eligibility to apply for 
Dancing For Birth Certification (application requires additional self-guided process and separate fee)

anything not mentioned above is not included

To maintain a small-group experience, space is limited








Last Minute 


"Dancing For Birth is a bridge to awaken the dormant instincts of many women around the world." ~Marissa Rivera Bolanos


Who Should Attend?

Dancing For Birth's 'Stand Up For Birth' Training & Retreat is open to those 18+ with all levels of experience in the birth field from aspiring (no experience) to highly experienced, and their guests. If you are a doula, midwife, nurse, educator, doctor, policy maker, advocate, health and wellness professional, dancer, or are preparing for your own pregnancy or birth, this retreat is geared for you - welcome! No prior dance or birth experience is required. Nursing babies can attend with mom as long as the training sessions aren't disrupted. Caregivers can be hired through the venue if needed. Your guests can be any age and will share your room with you. Guests attend the retreat but not the training sessions. 

Training Path

In order for you to get the most out of your training, we'll place you on the learning track that matches your level of prior training with DFB. (Identify your path here and then see the curriculum in the "Learning Highlights" section below)

Path 1: If this is your first full length Dancing For Birth Training this will be your path. At the conclusion you'll be able to integrate the techniques into your current work as a health professional (or your birth). This path additionally satisfies both the Level 1 and Level 2 training requirements to become a Certified Instructor if you so aspire. Read about

Path 2: If you're already Trained or Certified by DFB, this will be your path. You'll enjoy a thorough refresher, plus extra enrichment sessions to deepen your prior DFB training experience. This path additionally satisfies the re-certification requirements. 

Path 3: If you're a Certified DFB Instructor with at least one year's experience teaching, and you desire to become a DFB Trainer to lead DFB Trainings, you can request to be considered for this by-invitation-only Trainer Training Path during registration. This path additionally satisfies the re-certification requirements.

Getting There

You'll need a current passport. Tourists from most countries do not need a visa to enter Bali.  Fly into Denpasar Airport (DPS) and then travel by taxi 22 miles to the retreat center, which is in Nyuh Kuning, near Ubud. Book your round trip transport for $75 at registration and a driver from the venue will be there to collect you from the airport. 

We require registrants to purchase travel insurance from any provider of your choice. Full coverage for March 17-23, 2019 will cost about $50 and provides you with needed benefits in case of accident, illness, delay, etc... Here is one provider we've used.

If you choose to extend your trip before or after the workshop, note that your time in Bali is most likely strictly limited to 30 days, and be aware that Bali will observe the Hindu New Year on Nyepi Day (Day of Silence in Bali) March 7-8, 2019. Everything will be closed including airports.  It is a day of quiet and staying at home or hotel. The festivities preceding Nyepi day are unique and well worth seeing.

Learning Highlights

Path 1: Level 1-2 Dancing For Birth™ Training (At the conclusion you'll be eligible to apply for DFB Certification. As a Certified Instructor you can teach DFB class to expectant and new parents).
“The Larson Technique” to re-align malpositioned fetus including Breech.
“Birth I.N.S.T.I.N.C.T.S” to shorten labor and reduce C-sections
Body movements to facilitate birth and which should be avoided
“Powerful Woman” to open pelvic outlet as much as double for ease of birth
“Mighty Mama” to avoid and resolve shoulder dystocia
“Birthing Woman Reflex”  for spontaneous pushing  
Advanced Rebozo Techniques for comfort and labor progress
“Harnessing Gravity” for optimal fetal positioning 
“Dilation Gyration” and many more signature Dancing For Birth moves Middle Eastern and African dance, adapted for prenatal, birth and postnatal "Vertical Birth" techniques to avoid failure to progress
“Womb Relaxation” exercise
“Closing the Bones” and other traditions for postpartum
Health benefits and evidence for utilizing dance and movement
Prenatal and postpartum cultural traditions
Latin and Caribbean dance, adapted for prenatal, birth and postnatal
Choreography and games to engage learners  
Creating a sister circle
Path 2: Advanced Dancing For Birth™ Training (This training satisfies the DFB Re-Certification requirements)
Lambada dance, adapted for prenatal, birth and postnatal
Advanced West African dance, adapted for prenatal, birth and postnatal
Tahitian dance, adapted for prenatal, birth and postnatal
Choreographed Sequences and Choreography Creation session  
Plus access to all Path 1 sessions
Path 3: Dancing For Birth™ By-Invitation-Only Trainer Training (at the conclusion you'll be eligible to apply for DFB Trainer Certification to lead DFB Professional Trainings)
Identify your particular leadership style
Access your feminine power
Turn perceived flaws into strengths
Hear and communicate with your whole body
Create transformative DFB™ movements 
Feel and guide group dynamics
Help participants discover themselves and shine
Understand and demonstrate the DFB™ principles and movements
Skills to Lead DFB™ Instructor Traininings solo
Plus Access to all Path 2 sessions   
Must attend all Path 1 sessions


Those who choose to attend all 14 hours of the Path 1 DFB Training (morning stretch and morning training) will receive 14 Continuing Education Credits/Hours and a Certificate of Completion from DONA International and Dancing For Birth. These CEUS are accepted by many organizations and boards, check with your organization if you are unsure.

Still Have Questions?

Please e-mail Retreat Coordinator at 
or call 1-314-469-9118 (add prefix 011 if calling from outside USA)
and let us know how we can help.