"The Missing Link for Birth Professionals!"
- T. Ryan, DONA Doula Trainer

14 CEU Dancing For Birth™ 

Rockford, IL
Oct. 7-8, 2017
On call for births?  You won't lose your fee if you miss while at a birth!


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Calling all Birth Professionals and those with a passion to improve women's birth experiences. 
Now you can learn our groundbreaking techniques that have even the most seasoned birth-pros seeing
shorter births, fewer c-sections and higher client satisfaction.

Love Certifications and broadening your skill set? 
Dancing For Birth™ Certification is the Trifecta:
Pre/Post Natal Fitness + Childbirth Ed + Support Circle
in One 

9:30am to 5:30pm each day
Level 1 - Oct. 7, 2017: Dancing For Birth Techniques for Birth Pros
Level 2 - Oct. 8, 2017: Instructor Training (pre-req - Level 1 )

Aspire to get Certified?  Take both Levels.
On call for births? You won't lose your fee if you miss while at a birth!  Policy

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Luna Studios
5906 Elaine Drive
Rockford, IL 61108

Who should attend:  Aspiring or practicing birth professionals: midwives/doulas/nurses/doctors/childbirth educators; aspiring or practicing health and wellness practitioners; massage therapists/body-workers/fitness instructors/dance instructors/yoga instructors/social workers; pregnant women, and those with a passion to support empowered pregnancy, birth and mothering.  

In this training, you will learn...
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About Your Presenter

Stephanie Larson
Founder & Master Trainer, Dancing For Birth™

Larson is a leading world expert on supporting birth through movement and instinct.  She is the Founder and Master Trainer of  Dancing For Birth™ .  She calls for an end to forced lithotomy position, and for a worldwide shift to primal, powerful, euphoric birth.  Her speaking engagements and TV appearances include DONA International, Lamaze International, CAPPA, ICAN, CIMS, ICEA, CAPPA Canada, AWHONN, CBS, NBC and FOX.  She 'danced out' her four babies in birth center, hospital and home births.

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Products Included with your registration:

Level 1 
DFB Manual e-book 
Certificate of Completion
1 year complimentary listing on DFB Birth Pro Locator
Inclusion in DFB Private Facebook Group

Credential: Professionally Trained (and corresponding seal)
7 CEUs  

Level 1-2  All of the above, plus 
Additional 7 CEUs (14 total)
Eligibility to apply for DFB Certification 
Requires completion of Certification checklist and an additional fee. Certification includes the Certified Credential: DFB, corresponding Certified Instructor Seal, and license to lead DFB classes for expectant and new parents for three years.


 Registration Pricing:
Level 1: $299 USD
Level 1-2: $399 USD
Repeat: $200 USD
Registration will autoclose without notice when we reach 20 registrants.
This training is the first step towards optional Certification.  See "Certification" tab at top for process and fee.


Here’s Who We Are:

Acclaimed - 14 CEUs 
Accepted by DONA, Lamaze, ICEA, and other boards 

Dancing For Birthis an approved provider of continuing education for professionals who work with expectant and new moms. Our techniques help shorten labor, reduce c-sections and epidurals, avoid shoulder dystocia, encourage natural birth and increase birth satisfaction.  Our Certified Dancing For Birth Instructors teach weekly Dancing For Birth classes—the “trifecta” of birth preparation: pre/post natal fitness, essential birth wisdom, and celebration of the birth journey in one.  Dancing For Birth was founded by USA’s National Birth Hero, Stephanie Larson. The classes are currently offered on four continents.

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