I Want to dance my way to an easier, safer birth!

Praise from the Experts

“Every pregnant woman should dance to this DVD and take these classes!”

Suzanne Arms

Author, Founder and Director of Birthing The Future

“If you want a truly uplifting experience while you’re pregnant, DANCE with this DVD. You’ll be so glad you learned these birth moves!”

Diana Paul

Director of “Birth Day,” Executive Director of

“Dancing For Birth™[DVD/classes/trainings] will assist many pregnant women on their journey to a healthy, gentle, and peaceful birth. Thank you Stephanie Larson – you are an inspiration!”

Simone Snyder

Mothering Magazine, International Childbirth Education Association

Here's What You Get 

  • A great prenatal workout with signature moves created to make birth shorter, easier and safer.
  • Invaluable childbirth preparation wisdom featuring Dancing For Birth Founder, Stephanie Larson, USA's National Birth Hero
  • Special features include Birth Wisdom VS. Birth Myths
  • Free shipping!